Slide Overview

Customize Layout

You can customize the appearance of the Presenter Window by clicking on the separator in the middle of the window and dragging it to the left or right. This way you can enlarge either the current slide, the next slide or the notes (if they are displayed).

Preview Next Slide

You can turn on/off the preview for the next slide by pressing the P key or by selecting ModeratorPreview Next Slide.


You can turn on/of the notes view by pressing the N key or by selecting NotesShow Notes.

Slide Navigator

With the Slide Navigator, you can browse through your presentation by viewing a list of thumbnails. Search for page numbers by entering the number in the search field. Confirm your search and select the found slide by pressing ↩/Enter.
Open the Slide Navigator by pressing the O key or by selecting ModeratorShow Navigator. Hide the Slide Navigator using the menu again or by pressing the esc key.

Saving Layout Configurations

For every document you open, SlidePilot will save the layout configuration you choose and setup the layout accordingly. So when you close a document and open it again, the same layout configuration will be presented to you.
The layout configuration includes: notes mode, notes position, show notes, show navigator, show next slide, show pointer and pointer appearance.
To reduce unnecessary data on your Mac, configurations will be removed 4 weeks after you've last opened the document.
Last modified 1yr ago