How do I report a bug?

If you've found a bug, we are more than happy if you report it. You can do so by writing an email or opening an issue in our GitHub repository.

Can I request a feature?

Of course! New ideas which improve SlidePilot are always welcome. Feel free to shoot us an email or open an issue in our GitHub repository.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to ask questions via email to [email protected].

How do I install SlidePilot?

    Download the app from the website.
    Unzip the app if not already done automatically
    Move the app to the Applications folder (otherwise updates won't work)
That's it, enjoy using SlidePilot!

Why does the popup appear?

The popup appears because the app is not signed. Signing requires being enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, which costs 99 USD per year. If we can cover these costs by donations, we would be more than happy to officially sign the app.

Is SlidePilot a native macOS App?

Yes, SlidePilot was explicitly developed for macOS using Swift as the primary language.

What are the requirements?

SlidePilot requires macOS 10.13+.

How much does SlidePilot cost?

Nothing, the SlidePilot application is available for free. We think that SlidePilot is a fundamental tool and thus should be available for everyone.

How can I support SlidePilot?

If you like SlidePilot we would be happy if you donate a small amount to cover the operating expenses and to support development of future features. You'll find the donate button on the website.

What languages does SlidePilot support?

SlidePilot is currently available in Englisch and German language. French will follow.
Last modified 1yr ago