Release Plan


  • Slide Navigator


  • Pre-Render pages

  • Cache rendered pages

  • Better performance for huge PDFs


  • Touch Bar Support

  • Layout: Toggle showing next slide

  • More cursor appearance options on presentation screen (dot, circle, spotlight)

  • Extend support for at least macOS 10.11

  • French language support


  • Enable PDF Links

  • Show notes as text instead of slide (extract text from note slide)


  • Draw on current slide


  • Control SlidePilot with SlidePilot Remote app for iOS

Not assigned to a specific release

Ordered by priority:

  • Implement Sparkle 2.0 with App Sandboxing (as soon as Sparkle 2.0 is stable)

  • Switch screens

  • Make Slide Navigator resizable

  • Play embedded videos

  • Support for notes in Keynote and PowerPoint PDFs

Future Plans

  • iPadOS app, which has the same functionality as the macOS app, with support for drawing on slides with Apple Pencil

  • Controlling presentations of macOS or iPadOS app with iPhone and Apple Watch