Information on how to use the iOS Remote app with SlidePilot
SlidePilot Remote for iOS allows you to control your presentations in SlidePilot on the Mac using your phone. You can download SlidePilot Remote here.


To connect, open the SlidePilot Remote app on your phone and the SlidePilot app on your Mac. Go to PreferencesRemote. You are presented with connection instructions and a table of available remote devices. If you've started the app on your phone, it should appear in the list. Click Connect and confirm, that the given code is displayed on your remote device.
This device is now stored as a trusted device and SlidePilot will automatically connect to it the next time both SlidePilot and SlidePilot Remote are active.
If you want to disconnect a connected device, click the Disconnect button next to the corresponding device. This will also remove the device from the trusted devices list.
To remove a device from the trusted devices list, which is currently not connected, click the Trusted Devices button, select the device you want to remove and click the Remove button.


When connected, you can see the current, next and notes slide and notes text, depending on your layout and your SlidePilot presentation. You can show the next and previous slide by swiping to the right or to the left. You can pinch to zoom on the presented slide images.
Show a black or white curtain by pressing the
button in the top bar. To choose the color of the curtain, do a long press on the button, which will open a context menu. Here you can select either black or white curtain.


SlidePilot Remote allows you to adjust the layout to your specific needs. Press the layout
button to open a list of available layouts. Select the one that best fits your needs and displays the information, you need for your presentation.
By pressing the
button, you can show or hide the presentation progress.


If the devices won't connect you can try the following:
    Restart both SlidePilot on the Mac and SlidePilot Remote on your phone
    Remove the device in question from the trusted devices list
Last modified 1yr ago